ESA100 Sliding Door

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    1/1This is a product picture of the DORMA ESA 100 Sliding Door.

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Product Summary

The ESA 100 is an extruded aluminum stile and rail door designed for interior or exterior applications where emergency breakout is not required.

  • Non-breakout
  • Adjustable astragal
  • Narrow or medium stile
  • Clear or dark bronze anodized finish
  • Single muntin
Product Details
Proof that style and substance can co-exist in the same door

As one of the most intelligent, efficient, and technologically advanced automatic doors on the market, the ESA 100 provides strength, beauty, and technology all in one package.

Smooth, clean look

The DORMA ESA 100 provides a smooth clean look without horizontal ridges that detract from the appearance of the door.

Selfmonitoring for safety

The DORMA ESA 100 is a continuous selfmonitoring control system for an extra measure of safety and efficiency.

Exclusive feature - sound-dampening track

It reduces operational noise to a mere whisper and stops vibration resonance that can be transferred to building structures.

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