ESA400 Sliding Door

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Product Summary

For elegant and upscale applications, the ESA 400 Fine Frame is a perfect marriage of beauty and functionality. Including full breakout capability, the ESA 400 combines full view aesthetics with excellent weather-sealing qualities. It’s ideal for interior or exterior applications such as high-end retail stores or modern office buildings.

  • Dual vertical weather sweeps
  • Fine-Frame profile
  • Adjustable astragal
  • Narrow or medium stile
  • Overhead combination safety + activation sensors
Product Details

Emergency Exits
The ESA 400 – Full break out for emergency applications.

Smooth, clean look
The ESA 400 provides a smooth clean look with its fine frame structure.

Self monitoring for safety
The ESA 400 is a continuous self monitoring control system for an extra measure of safety and efficiency.

Exclusive feature - sound-dampening track
It reduces operational noise to a mere whisper and stops vibration resonance that can be transferred to building structures.

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