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Ultimate key control combined with high levels of physical security

Kaba quattro plus - flexible lock cylinder for high security

dormakaba quattro plus is the latest evolution in the proven dormakaba range of high security cylinder locks. This patented reversible key cylinder lock is designed for applications where security, durability and strict factory key control are paramount.

With its interchangeable core system it offers extensive flexibility allowing the cylinder core to be inserted into a range of locking solutions from camlocks, keyswitches and padlocks to the more traditional cylinder shapes. This also gives dormakaba quattro plus the ability to master key across various applications and locations making it a powerful and efficient locking system. 

  • The reversible key can be inserted from either side and has no sharp edges that damage pockets and purses
  • With the security card only you may order duplicate keys from dormakaba or an authorised locksmith
  • Choose from two different key shapes and up to 12 different key clip colours
  • High security - Kaba quattro plus lock cylinders are safe against picking and the bumping method

Product details

International Certificates for double, single and thumbturn cylinders in Europrofile

  • EN 1303 Key Related Security Grade 6
  • EN 1303 Attack Resistance Grade D when used with security door furniture or with optional steel reinforcement
  • DIN18252 Grade 82
  • VdS B, BZ and master key systems
  • FZG Cylinders with freewheel cam function in gear operated and emergency exit locks
  • Kitemark (UK) for enhanced security lock cylinders to BS EN 1303:2005

Cylinder types

  • Double, single and thumbturn cylinders in Europrofile, Swiss round profile, Scandinavian and Union oval profiles, French round profiles
  • Outside and inside cylinders for surface mounted locks
  • Furniture cylinders
  • Furniture locks
  • Camlock cylinders
  • Key switch cylinders
  • Elevator control cylinders
  • Padlocks
  • Window handles and olives
  • Key deposit tubes
  • Key storage cabinets

As standard:

  • nickel plated (NI = Standard)
  • standard brass (MS)

On request:

  • polished brass (MP)
  • chrome plated (CR)
  • polished chrome plated (CRP)
  • light brown (BH)
  • medium brown (BM)
  • dark brown (BD)
  • chemically nickel plated (NIC, salt water resistant) 
  • Antique Brass (MSA)
  • Dull Chrome (CRM)

High permutation capacity

  • 4 radially arranged pin rows on up to 22 tumbler pin pairs on up to 44 possible positions
  • more than 2 trillion possible keyings
  • Suitable for large master key systems

Additional burglary protection

  • Optional steel reinforcement plates in the housing and hardened steel pins in the insert and housing protect against forceful entry by pulling and drilling

Keys are availalbe in three different shapes

  • Standard smartkey clip in 12 different colours (SK)
  • Largekey clip in 7 different colours suitable for security door hardwaren and multiple point locks (LK)
  • All metal armour key suitable for security door hardwaren and multiple point locks (LR)
  • All keys are made of nickel silver for wear resistance and excellent gliding quality
  • Kaba quattro plus key blanks are protected by patent and are not avialable in retail

dormakaba cylinders can do more than just lock and unlock doors

With its special functions, dormakaba cylinders can do more than you think.

  • Thermally insulated cylinders for "passive" house construction
  • 6 different thumbturn knob shapes
  • Blind on one side
  • Cylinder with electrical contact
  • Priority (the key unlocks from the outside, if a key is in the cylinder on the inside)
  • Double key override allows opening regardless on which side a key is inserted in the lock cylinder
  • Emergency key (for rescue services)
  • Construction time changes the keyling with replacing the lock cylinder
  • Freewheel cam for emergency and gear operated locks
  • Cam with relative movement
  • Cogwheel cam with up to 18 teeth
  • Housing with steel reinforcement plates against pulling

dormakaba Modular

The dormakaba Modular System lets cylinders be rebuilt on site to other lengths or even other cylinder types with little effort. The keying remains unchanged.

Scope of supply

  • Lock cylinder
  • 2 keys supplied as standard
  • Security card
  • Installation and maintenance instructions
  • Cylinder fastening screw (for door cylinders)

quattro plus is ideal for locking systems in the following areas:

  • Business and industrial sites
  • Rail
  • Valuables in transit
  • Utilities
  • Retail & display
  • Commercial, office buildings
  • Museums
  • Central Government / MoD
  • Public transport
  • Marine
  • Lift and escalator control
  • Control panels

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