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Ultimate key control combined with high levels of physical security

Kaba 20 – high performance cylinder lock

With four radially arranged pin tumbler rows comprising of up to 22 pins the Kaba 20 system is highly respected by end user clients. It satisfies high customer demands and with the controlled issuing of duplicate keys it affords high copy protection direct from the Kaba factory, thus giving our customers total confidence in the integrity of their locking system.

The Kaba 20 series is ideal for heavy usage, industrial and commercial applications where security and durability are paramount.


Product details

Thanks to four rows of pins arranged in a radial formation, excellent materials, extremely accurate precision milling and a unique cylinder design, the Kaba 20 cylinder lock complies with a high security standard.

  • High level of copy protection thanks to security card and computer-controlled longitudinal milling
  • Solid Swiss quality
  • Investment protection as the locking system can be expanded at any time and integrated into electronic locking systems
  • Convenience assured as the reversible key can be inserted into the cylinder at any angle
  • Organisational control within the locking system - the customer determines which key opens which door(s)
  • Additional drilling protection optional
  • Anti-ligature thumbturn available to combine safety and security

  • 4 rows of pins
  • 22 pin positions that can be used simultaneously
  • Pins that make contact with the key are manufactured from wear-resistant hardened steel
  • Key protected by patented characteristics
  • Available with 22 mm diameter Swiss round profile

Kaba 20 is ideal for locking systems in the following areas:

  • Rail
  • Valuables in transit
  • Utilities
  • Commercial, office sector
  • Education
  • Healthcare

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