Tricontus A - Mechanical Key Lock

  • Tricontus A - Keys with Mauer bow

    1/1Tricontus A - Keys with Mauer bow

  • Tricontus A - Keys with Mauer bow

Product Summary

Lock with blocking bolts for safes CEN 0-II.

Approx. 280,000 theoretical variations.

The special triple bolt design facilitates direct locking into the safe closure.

Product Details


  • EN 1300 A, ECB-S, VdS class 1, GOST class A, ICECON class A


  • 8 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
  • Key retained when in open position
  • Die-cast lock case and bolt, throw 12 mm

Admissible mounting positions

  • Right hand lock, opening clockwise

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