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Product Summary

The 4-sided bolt work is characterised by its smooth running gear wheel and its solid construction.

No defined locking order in case of 2-lock operation.

Product Details

Bolt work

  • Dimensions base plate 300 x 102 mm
  • Installation applications
    • 2-lock operation
    • 4-sided, shafts 72 mm wide, 2.5 mm thick
    • Shaft throw 30 mm, opening angle of handle 90°
    • Shaft connections: elongated hole 6.4 x 13.6 mm, Ø 6.4 mm
    • Lock mounting: 4 x ¼" BSW threaded bushes
    • Mounting position of locks: vertical, bolt down, bolt throw 8.7-12 mm, blocking of horizontal shafts
    • For right hand doors, opening counter-clockwise

NB: "Opening counter-clockwise" is the standard opening direction for right hand doors with lever handles.

If the door is equipped with a hinged handle, we recommend "opening clockwise".

  • Material/surface
    • Base plate and cover plate steel lacquered
    • Shafts steel blank
  • Gear drive with follower 8 mm

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