Product Summary

MATRIX Professional offers a needs-specific modular system for access control, attendance recording and time management, with the possibility of integrating the dormakaba TMS system for escape route control. Further modules for full integration of large companies’ needs.

  • Management of up to 300,000 ID cards/users
  • Easily comprehensible, browser-based user interface
  • Exact coordination to customer requirements
  • Configurable interfaces to host systems

Product Details

MATRIX, the modular system component to suit your needs
The modular construction of MATRIX allows for exact coordination of the MATRIX system to customers’ requirements. MATRIX Professional can be enhanced at any time with further options or with basic modules like attendance recording, time management, smartphone access and escape route control.

Easily integrable into the company IT system
MATRIX is completely browser-based, which makes installation and maintenance much easier. All functions are managed through an ergonomic user interface based on a consistent operating concept. Functions can be retrieved without prior local SW installation from any workplace PC that has a browser. As many MATRIX workplaces can be set up as desired. They are not subject to licensing.

Only buy what you need with the right licence model
MATRIX Professional offers a tiered licence model beginning with 25 personnel and can at its full capacity manage more than 300,000 people. MATRIX Professional supports a wide portfolio of dormakaba access controllers, digital door components as well as the periphery components that are needed for it. The online operating mode can be made wired or wireless.

Access functions:

  • Assignment of access permissions: by person, place and time
  • Locking plan dialogue for simple assignment of access permissions
  • Access programs
  • Door programmes and schedules for door control
  • Room zone administration
  • Access profiles combine rights for easier allocation
  • Access calendar for managing doors and personnel
  • Special day functions and individual permissions
  • Interlock function
  • Door status monitoring
  • Diverse security options like anti pass back
  • List generator
  • Video integration for access control
  • Integration of ID card creation systems
  • And more

Reliability and availability of access controls
MATRIX Professional provides the access controller with all data needed for autonomous access control. After the access control panels have been configured and parameterised, they work completely autonomously, even if MATRIX is unavailable.

Save on training expenses
MATRIX Professional offers a very well ergonomically-designed user interface. All functions are supplied using a thoroughly consistent operating concept. As a result, different parameter settings, processing rules and evaluations can be administered in a simple and manageable way.

A consistent operating concept makes for higher operating comfort

  • Clear administration and control
  • Multilingual (switchable for each client browser!)
  • Browser-neutral (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)
  • Easy initialisation of access hardware
  • Available for different databases
  • Suitable for all marketable ID card readers
  • Wired and wireless access components seamlessly integrated

Data exchange with external systems
Data exchange can be easily made via the open system architecture using the dormakaba Integration Manager.

100% browser
Due to browser compatibility, MATRIX doesn’t require client installation. This facilitates installation and software maintenance. As many MATRIX workplaces can be set up as desired. They are not subject to licensing.

MATRIX Professional
MATRIX Professional
MATRIX Professional

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