Product Summary

Key loss and theft are major problems in many organisations, especially when contractors, suppliers and cleaning staff need access in the absence of your staff. The administrative costs of managing keys can quickly mount up.

One proven method to minimise losses and increase efficiency is an intelligent, automated key depot within the building. That way, keys can be protected against unauthorised access by third parties. The LoxTop depots can be configured individually and used either as pure key administration depots or as depots with integrated lockers. Additional functionalities are available for the latter option, such as a weighing system to check the depot contents for correctness. It is also possible to install USB charging sockets to charge mobile phones while they are stored.

Product Details

Secure administration of mechanical keys

  • Secure key storage and key hand-off
  • Clear assignment of rights – access only for authorised users
  • Alarm is trigged if the key is not brought back

Integrated in exos

  • Central user/rights administration
  • Logbooks
  • Maximum of 64 keys/lockers per depot

Stand-alone function

  • Up to 400 keys/lockers per depot
  • User/rights administration directly on the device


Central rights administration

  • Role-based user administration
  • Removal with time limitation
  • Maximum permissible number of simultaneous key removals per user

Individual authentication thanks to configurable options

  • RFID card
  • PIN
  • Biometrics
  • Breathalyser

Device design

  • Modular
  • Available in all RAL colours

Zutrittskontrolle - Schlüsseldepotverwaltung
Kaba exos 9300 LoxTop Key Depot

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