LeMeridien, Italy

State-of-the-art hotel domotics with customised electronic locks and integrated access control in an exclusive hotel in the center of Rome

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Elegance and innovation in the heart of Rome: state-of-the-art hotel access control

As part of the Marriott chain, Le Méridien Visconti Rome is within walking distance of the Spanish Steps and the Vatican.

Its 1970s design both complements and accentuates the architecture of the exterior in a charming stylistic continuity between the recent past and contemporary taste.

The hotel partnered with dormakaba to install a state-of-the-art hotel domotics system, including Confidant, System 6000 and Messenger electronic locks, and RAC 5 readers for customized hotel access control to all floors via the lifts.

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What is the best way of guaranteeing hotel access control and guest comfort with maximum security?

  • With Confidant electronic hotel locks fitted on the existing doors, featuring a satin brass or satin chrome finish to match the interior design of each floor.

  • Installation of dormakaba's System 6000 system to offer staff centralized hotel access control with a seamless solution fully integrated into the Marriott chain's building management system.

  • Installation of RAC 5 readers to ensure secure access to the hotel's lifts.

  • Installation of SR readers to provide access to communal areas.

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Electronic hotel locks and integrated access control system

dormakaba's Confidant electronic locks were selected to provide secure and smooth access to the guest rooms at Hotel Le Méridien Visconti Rome. These hotel electronic locks were fitted on the existing doors, with satin brass or satin chrome finishes to match the interior design. The electronic locks offer various benefits, including maximum security, guest convenience and access tracking.

With the installation of dormakaba's System 6000 system, staff can enjoy centralized hotel access control and seamless integration into the Marriott chain's building management system. This hotel's domotics platform offers a number of key features such as remote management, real-time notifications and detailed reporting.

dormakaba Italia also solved some of the client's requirements by providing a special personalized plaque for some doors and the Confidant handle for the metal door of the gym complete with a wireless and Bluetooth external reader.

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