For optimal protection against unauthorised access

Safe Locks

Be it money, valuables, important documents or even sensitive goods that should be protected from unauthorised access - choose from our unmatched safe lock portfolio for automated teller machines, gun safes, vaults, classified information containers, fire safes or any other kind of secure storage. We keep your properties secure in all ways with certified quality products. Your local contact is happy to assist you finding the right solution, even if you're looking for integration into existing or newly planned access control or other security systems.

Paxos - safe locks designed for consistent redundancy with a powerful motor lock to provide reliability & ease of use

Cencon - Designed to combat insider theft from ATMs through the combined use of lock hardware, systems software & Smart Keys.

Axessor - safe locks developed for traceability & flexibility with multiple user codes & remote management

Kaba Mas X-0 Series - GSA Approved Lock for FF-L-2740, Revision B, Style 1; use on Class 5 & 6 filing cabinets & Class 5 vault doors