pic_Abian Tower
Entrance areas with enticing and individual atmosphere

Flexible modular health check for entrances

The Safe Checkpoint Tower is a solution that allows for easy integration of various technologies and applications in one standalone unit that can be easily added wherever and whenever needed on a pedestal or retrofitted permanently on finished floors.

The Safe Checkpoint Tower comes with three optional functionalities to choose from:
• Hand sanitiser dispenser
• Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) check / Face mask detection
• Crowd prevention

The Safe Checkpoint Tower can be easily added to existing automated entrances and security barriers/gates, either as wireless battery-operated unit with basic functions or full functionality with cabled AC power supply.

Ergonomically designed with suitable heights to ensure ease of sanitising hands and visual display.


Product details

• Slim aluminum structural core post with “dormakaba design” to ensure aesthetics and function
• Basic dispenser holds up to 1.5 months’ of sanitiser for 30 people
• Dispenser can release and activate the entrance wirelessly
• Optional EBT sensor and facemask detector with display
• Optional counting of passages with limit control. Stopping further people from entering a space with a defined number of occupants.