Entrance areas with enticing and individual atmosphere

The ATRIUM FLEX is a breakthrough in design with technology:
The world’s first revolving door driven with electromagnetic direct propulsion technology.

The extremely thin and silent FLEX Direct Drive enhances the clean, minimalist, all-glass transparent design of ATRIUM FLEX, and made it possible to be installed without floor pits, allowing complete freedom in floor design. Accented with an optional illuminated halo as a hint at the hidden engine, the ATRIUM FLEX is the new benchmark in premium entrances.


Product details

High-tech German drive technology
• Super thin made-in-Germany drive with proven electromagnetic
propulsion technology, the first and only worldwide for revolving doors
• Unique features thanks to the gearless, beltless design of the drive technology:
o Minimal wear-and-tear parts
o Minimal resistance when not powered
o Recovers easily from stoppages

For the building owner/operator/user
Safer and easier to use more reliably:
• Less disruption to normal daily usage
• Lower unplanned maintenance costs
• Comfortable manual access even when switched off
• Resilient against misuse/accidents
• Stays tightly closed in the right position
Clean clear modern aesthetics
• Elegant full-glass structure with heatsoaked
glazing and minimal framing to
ensure optimum transparency and
structural reliability
• Eye-catching timeless design with
minimalist illuminated halo for an enduring

For the building owner/architect
Key to a building’s premium branding:
• Complements the occupants’ corporate
image externally or as part of employer
• to secure/retain prestige tenants
• to cement the building as a landmark
Lasting value for the investment
• High-tech image to the building’s premium branding



Internal Diameter: 2000 - 3000mm

External Diameter: ID + 158mm

Passage Height: 2100 - 3000mm

Total Height: PH + 84mm

Available in 3 or 4 wing design