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For efficient access management, security and data collection

Manage your access - track your workforce

Access control for personnel and vehicles and tracking of workforce - profit from flexible possibilities of various solutions and of data collection. Our products offer you full product compatibility and interoperability, while the software platforms address exactly your needs. Be it mechanic, mechatronic or electronic access control.

These are lifestyle cylinder locks with both visual and acoustic access signals. They are compact, energy efficient and extremely easy to install.

Proven solutions compatible with all common door types.

For efficient access control, it is necessary to capture information in real time at each interior and exterior access point, process the ...

Access Control Solutions for Corporate

Access Control Solutions for SAP

Access Control Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Access Control Solutions for Microenterprises and Residential

Payroll errors, under or overstaffing and inefficient time logging can cost you significant amounts of money. Do you need to increase ...

The key for a successful production plant is optimised output. To achieve this, you need an accurate assessment of data relevant to machine ...

Kaba b-comm ERP 5 is a modular software solution for the connection, management and operation of Kaba terminals in connection with the ERP ...

Safe, functional and versatile - choose the right RFID access medium for you.

In this area you find more information about technologies which have been developed by Kaba and have been incorporated into our products.