Product Summary

The dormakaba expert plus Quick Release Colour system is designed and manufactured in Australia, it has been created for the purpose of maintaining a high level of security throughout the different phases of construction, or when a key has been lost.

Our Quick release system allows the holder of the removable key to release the insert only, replacing it with another insert of a different colour and combination. A re-key completed in seconds.

A convenient way of providing continued security during the different phases of construction is to use our Quick Release colour system. With 5 colours to choose from, each colour can represent a different level of access on your building site.

The final Master keyed insert is offered as full metal face.

This system is available through our expert plus dealer network across Australia and New Zealand.

Product Details

• No screwdriver required
• Re-key within seconds
• 5 colour rings available for cylinder
• 12 colour key heads available
• Full metal face insert for final keying
• Available in oval and rim
• Cost effective
• High security, each insert contains 22 pins

Removable Core 1
Removable Core 2
Removable Core 3

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