Product Summary

dormakaba offers patch fittings that create tempered glass assemblies that are technically sound and visually attractive. All dormakaba fittings are based on a modular system, consisting of a base unit, functional inserts, and clip-on covers in a wide range of finishes. Glass preparations are quick and easy. Quality materials and thorough workmanship guarantee a long service life and a reflection of excellence for years to come.

  • Broad range of options and configurations
  • Based on a modular system
  • Suitable for common glass thicknesses
  • Matching range of locks
  • Reliability built in

Product Details

Universal patch fittings

With its broad range of options and configurations, dormakaba Universal Patch fittings are ideal for almost any design. Tempered glass assemblies are provided with fixed parts in a variety of arrangements - with corner fittings or fin fittings at different angles, and with double or single-action doors in single-leaf or double-leaf designs. Universal fittings are supplied standard with gaskets to suit 10mm and 12mm glass.

EA patch fittings

dormakaba EA patch fittings are characterised by their slim, neat shape and skilful hinge design. This comprehensive range of fittings allows the transparent elegance of single-action doors to reach their full potential - whether hung in frames or integrated into toughened glass assemblies. dormakaba EA patch fittings are available for 10mm and 12mm glass thicknesses.


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