Product Summary

The Dorma KTC-Comfortline is the perfect solution for high user convenience. Aside from a range of dimensions, the KTC series also offers numerous application-aligned versions to suit individual requirements.

  • Optimisation of building energy balance
  • Diameters 3600-4800mm
  • Superb user convenience
  • Optimum cost efficiency
  • Trouble-free installation and commissioning
  • Problem-free adaptability to individual requirements

Product Details

For sophisticated and prestigious entrances

Wherever central entrances of buildings have to handle heavy traffic volumes, where ease of use is paramount and where architecturally refined façades require an equally attractive complement, the Dorma KTC-Comfortline range of revolving doors provides the perfect answer.

KTC system components for extensive design flexibility

Thanks to the broad range of optional fittings, materials, surface finishes and glazing designs, these systems can be ideally adapted to meet aesthetic demands.

Problem-free adaptability to individual requirements

Dorma KTC Comfortline revolving doors also satisfy the most stringent requirements with respect to reliability, user-friendliness and convenience. Different models offer attractive additional benefits, including options for use as advertisement space.

KTC 3/KTC 4 Revolving door
KTC 3/KTC 4 Revolving door
KTC 3/KTC 4 Revolving door

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