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Product Summary

Smart door handle – smart access control

Take your access control to the next level: set access rights easily and change them whenever needed, accurately in time and location. Simply present an authorised badge, smart key, fob with RFID or a smartphone and open the door as usual by pushing the door lever.

The c-lever compact is an electronical door lock and operates in standalone or remotely in wireless mode and is made for interior doors like offices.

  • EPD: The c-lever compact has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to DIN ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A2
  • Mobile Access function: use your smartphone to open the door
  • Suitable both for single doors or large building complexes
  • Award-winning, patented design
Product Details

A clever door lever meeting many requirements 

The c-lever compact meets your access control needs, offering an overview about who can enter where and when. Combinable with other dormakaba products, this battery-operated door lock is made for any kind of interior door like glass, wood, metal or CPL doors.  
Smartly, it can be installed in an upside-down position which helps on limited spaces such as on glass doors or when the cylinder is located above the lever handle.

  • Independent from cylinder and lock, usually both can stay
  • Simple to program with different programming options
  • Supports the latest RFID standards
  • Free choice of lever handles according to your design preferences
  • Wirelessly installed with only two screws, also in updside-down position

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