Product Summary

The ITS 96 FL with fail-safe function is perfectly integrated into the modular system of the ITS 96 range. The fail-safe function allows fire doors to be opened with virtually no resistance and is therefore also suitable for barrier-free building and preventive fire protection.

  • Fail-safe function for door angle > 0°
  • For door leaf widths of up to 1,400 mm
  • For single-leaf and double-leaf doors (on active leaf)
  • Can be combined with standard ITS 96 slide channels
  • Suitable for barrier-free building in accordance with DIN 18040

Product Details

Areas of application
This integrated free-swing door closer is especially suitable for barrier-free building in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104 and DIN 18040 and for preventive fire protection. Typical areas of application are those in which there is a particular focus on safety and convenience, such as hospitals, care homes, children’s day-care centres and schools, and also public buildings, such as museums and theatres.

Greater convenience
Activation of the fail-safe function enables the door to be opened with virtually no resistance. The door moves freely as if no door closer was installed. A special feature is that the fail-safe function is activated from an opening angle of >0°. This is a particular advantage for doors with a restricted opening angle, e.g. 90°.

In the event of an emergency or power failure the door is safely closed, and the EASY OPEN technology enables it to be opened easily thanks to the rapidly decreasing opening torque (complies with German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104). The ITS 96 FL has variable closing force of EN 3–6, meaning that doors with a width of 1400 mm can be moved.

G 96 GSR-EMF 1 – Cost-efficiency and security in the system
The 96 GSR-EMF 1 hold-open system allows the two leaves of a double door to be individually held open.
The slide channel closing coordinator with integrated electromechanical hold-open in the inactive leaf can be combined with standard components from the ITS 96 system.

Benefits for architects

  • Unblemished appearance of prestige doors thanks to concealed installation
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for barrier-free building
  • Universally suitable for single-leaf or double-leaf doors

Benefits for trade/retailers

  • Low stocking requirements thanks to streamlined range and separate packaging of closer body and slide channel assemblies
  • Same slide channels and accessories for ITS 96
    and ITS 96 FL

​​​​​Benefits for installers

  • Non-handed system
  • Apart from the length, the installation dimensions of the ITS 96 EN 3-6
    and the ITS 96 FL EN 3-6 are identical
  • Easy adjustment of closing force and closing time on installed door closers

Benefits for users

  • Optimum protection against vandalism thanks to concealed installation
  • Enhanced user convenience and fully controlled, reliable closing with adjustable latching action

Fail-safe function from a door angle >0°, resulting in virtually resistance-free opening of the doors in areas requiring preventive fire protection

Door Closer ITS 96 FL
Door Closer ITS 96 FL
Door Closer ITS 96 FL

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