Bürgenstock Obbürgen, Switzerland

Barrier-free integrated door systems for an unforgettable alpine stay

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Unimpeded guest and employee movement at a luxury resort overlooking Lake Lucerne

Bürgenstock Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel located on the mountain from which it takes its name. At 1,115 meters above sea level, the views over Lake Lucerne are simply breathtaking. The hotel has the interiors to match, including panoramic bay windows and furnishings that make use of natural materials such as wood, stone, leather and glass. To aid the flow of people between certain areas of the hotel, provide unimpeded access for hotel security management and guarantee a perfect stay for guests, dormakaba was called on to install innovative door entry systems that would meet all requirements.


How are our solutions seamlessly integrated into the hotel’s unique design concept?

  • Discreet barrier-free design for interiors and exteriors

  • Seamless integration of door entry systems into overall design for uninterrupted flow of people

  • Combination of concealed technology and high functionality

  • Structured locking systems for various user groups

  • Coordinated access control in different areas

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"High above Lake Lucerne, guests at Bürgenstock Resort & Spa can enjoy the holiday of their dreams in the heart of Switzerland."

Robert Herr

Former General Manager


Tailor-made solutions for security, comfort and barrier-free access

Bürgenstock Resort & Spa is a byword for unparalleled luxury. This five-star hotel has been attracting prominent guests from all over the world since it opened. In other words, only the best is good enough – including when it comes to integrated door systems offering barrier-free access.

Convenient access – especially in public spaces – thanks to an innovative door closer system

The TS 93 system offers virtually every conceivable function for both interior single-leaf doors and exterior double-leaf doors. Together with the narrow stile doors, this results in a comprehensive door closer system with an aesthetically pleasing, quality appearance.

ITS 96 integrated slide channel door closer system

As an integrative solution, the door closer system is suitable for use with virtually any door or frame and offers a wide range of functions for single-leaf and double-leaf doors. The technology that activates the ITS 96 door closer is elegantly concealed in the doors to Brasserie RitzCoffier, the resort’s on-site restaurant.

Security, barrier-free design and comfort from a single provider

In addition to increased comfort, dormakaba’s design concept takes security and barrier-free access into account: with various operator heights, additional modules and options, the modular ES 200 sliding door operator is the perfect choice for Bürgenstock Resort & Spa.

Tailor-made swing door operator

Elegantly integrated into Bürgenstock Resort & Spa’s already impressive design concept, the matching surfaces of the ED 250 door operators enhance the hotel’s security without detracting from its ambience.

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