Bangalore International Airport , India

Seamless access at all checkpoints for passengers – a reality now!


Revolutionizing the passenger experience at Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport

It's fascinating how the Terminal 2 at Kempegowda International Airport (BLR Airport) combines Bengaluru's cultural richness with advanced technology, especially being the first in India with e-Gates at all checkpoints. The DigiYatra initiative, using facial recognition, enhances the passenger experience and airport security, marking a significant leap in seamless travel.

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How to manage security checkpoints, minimize waiting times, and also ensure smooth passenger flow?

The robust e-Gate is designed to enhance the efficiency of passenger processing and ensure a smooth entry experience.

Implementing DigiYatra technology, which utilizes facial recognition at various checkpoints, streamlines and expedites the movement of passengers, contributes to enhancing efficiency, and ensures a seamless travel experience.

Grand Entry with 3.5 meter Automatic Sliding Doors: The entry vestibule at BLR Airport’s T2 features impressive 3.5-meter automatic sliding doors, providing a grand and welcoming entry point for passengers.

Implementing a state-of-the-art 32 nos. of Folding Sliding Walls (FSW) system with a 9-meter opening, allows for seamless and efficient passenger flow through the entrance, enhancing convenience and reducing congestion for passengers.



Integrated access control solutions for seamless entrance and passenger experience

  • Automated boarding pass control improves passenger flow and regulates access to sensitive areas and security zones via the dormakaba Half Height Sensor Barrier Gate (HSB) M03 Self-Boarding and Biometric Boarding Pass Control gates.

  • Smooth passenger flow made possible via flexible, simple, and modular Automatic Custom sliding door with ES 200 Easy, Standard, and ES 200 SST Plus models.

  • The dimensions, design, and surface of TP/TA door and side panel rails are tailored to all corner fittings.

  • SST Flex - Automatic sliding doors with break-out from dormakaba fit into different structural openings, satisfy a variety of demands, and can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

  • Folding Sliding Walls (FSW) systems can be individually tailored to on-site requirements with ease.

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