Product Summary

dormakaba's GD 85 Floor Spring Package is specially-designed for use in low traffic areas. The package, comprising of a floor spring and patch fittings, is able to satisfy the basic requirements of glass doors that open in both inward and outward directions. 

GD 85 is suitable for use with standard double-action doors with door widths of up to 1050mm and maximum door weights of 85kg.

Technical Details

  • Door width ≤ 950mm or ≤ 1050mm
  • Door weight ≤ 85kg
  • Door closing angle ≤ 120⁰
  • Max. closing speed fixed
  • Spring strength size 3 or size 4
  • Length 307mm
  • Width 108mm
  • Height 40mm
  • Adjustable closing speed via valve
  • Adjustable latching speed via valve
  • Non-handed version available
  • Hold open 90⁰
  • Glass thickness for patch fittings 10-12mm
  • Patch fittings finish in SSS or PSS


  • GD 85 floor spring
  • AL accessories
  • Patch fittings
  • GS US 10 patch lock
  • GD PT 20 top patch
  • GD PT 10 bottom patch
  • GD PT 30 overpanel patch (optional)
  • GD PT 40 overpanel patch (optional)

GD 85 Optional Accessories
GD 85 Accessories
GD 85 Cement Box

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