Product Summary

The GD 3211 floor spring package is specially-designed for use in low-traffic areas. The package, consisting of a floor spring and patch fittings, is able to satisfy the basic requirements of a glass door that opens in both inward and outward directions.

GD 3211 is suitable for use with standard double-action doors with door width of up to 1000mm and maximum door weight of 85 kg.

Technical Details

  • Door width ≤ 1000mm
  • Door weight ≤ 85kg
  • Door closing angle ≤ 120⁰
  • Max. closing speed fixed
  • Spring strength size 3 or size 4
  • Length 298mm
  • Width 148mm
  • Height 48mm
  • Adjustable closing speed via valve
  • Adjustable latching speed via valve
  • Non-handed version available
  • Hold open 90⁰
  • Glass thickness for patch fittings 10-12mm
  • Patch fittings finish in PSS


  • GD 3211 floor spring
  • AL accessories
  • Patch fittings
  • GS US 10 patch lock
  • GD PT 20 top patch
  • GD PT 10 bottom patch
  • GD PT 30 overpanel patch (optional)
  • GD PT 40 overpanel patch (optional)

GD 3211 Image
GD 3211 Cement Box Image
GD 3211 Stainless Steel Cover

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