Hotel locks & cloud based applications, as well as access management solutions for holiday homes

InSync™ CR and CP

InSync™ C products provide a variety of alternatives for community access control. Whether controlling building entry openings, common area rooms, doors with exit devices, parking gates, or pedestrian gates, InSync™ C has a product for that application. This family of products can also be used to control elevators and used in conjunction with intercom systems.


Product details

  • InSync™ CR and CP products are available as either standalone battery operated door locks or hard-wired AC/DC electrically powered devices designed to work in conjunction with other electronic latching hardware.
  • CR works in conjunction with operable sliding glass doors, roll-up garage doors, parking arms, electric strikes, magnets, and telephone entry systems
  • CL, CM, and CP are designed to work with stand-alone battery-operated devices such as pool gates, laundry rooms, stairwell doors, etc.


Remote control unit (RCU) switch works with electrified locking devices

Controls electronic strikes and magnetic latches up to 24 volts AC/DC

Power: 12-24 volts AC/DC

Functions as elevator control unit (ECU) with a single relay

Available in flush or surface mount

Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor approved -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)

CP (Panic)

Works in conjunction with rim and vertical exit hardware for common area doors

Interfaces with industry-leading exit devices*

Compatible with a variety of rim and surface mount vertical rod panic hardware*

Confirms to Standard UL 10C. Refer to the UL online certifications directory, file number R12071.

Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor approved (CR, CP) -31 °F to 151 °F (-35 °C to 66 °C)

Interfaces with the following exit devices:

  • Dorma 9300 Rim
  • Dorma 9400 Surface Mount Vertical Rod

InSync C includes:

  • CR (RCU)
  • CL (Latch)

Hand: Non-handed

Stock: 36" door width (standard); 48"door width available at an upcharge

Door Types: Wood, hollow metal, fiberglass, or aluminum

Door Requirements: Fits standard 1-3/4" - 2-1/4" doors

Mounting Height: 40" above finished floor

Stile Width:

  • 4-5/8" with standard 99 strike
  • 4-1/8" with optional 98 strike

Latch Bolts: Stainless steel dead-locking; Pullman-type top latch

Also compatible with the American Eagle 4200R Rim, Dorma 9300 Rim, Dorma 9400 Vertical, Detex Advantex 10 Rim, Detex Advantex 20 Vertical, Hager 4500 Rim, Monarch 18R* Rim, Monarch 18V* Vertical, Sargent 8888F Rim, Von Duprin 98/99 Rim, and Von Duprin 98/99 Vertical exit devices for retrofits (not stocked by SAFLOK). Exit device specs vary by product.

* No longer manufactured

CL (Latch)

Single motion egress with common area electronics

Latch: 1/2" tubular

Fire Rating: UL 20 minute rating

CM (Mortise)

Single motion egress with common area electronics

Latch: 3/4" anti-pick latch

Fire Rating: Available with UL 20 minute or 3 hour rating

*Optional 1" automatic dead bolt (ADB™)

Finishes for all models: (*Check for availability)

  • Satin Chrome
  • Satin Brass
  • Bright Chrome
  • Bright Brass
  • *Dark Mahogany
  • *Satin Nickel

* see catalog / website for compatibility