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For efficient access management, security and data collection

Kaba TouchGo opens doors by hand contact

Kaba TouchGo is very convenient to operate – simply press the door handle and enter. From the inside the door remains open, from the outside it is automatically locked again as soon as the resident has entered the room. The transponder can simply be carried in a pocket or on the user's wheelchair, or worn on the wrist or around the neck, meaning that the user no longer has to search for the key.

Kaba TouchGo is based on Kaba's own RCID technology (Resistive Capacitive Identification), which uses the body's natural electrostatics to transmit the access rights to the door handle.


Product details

What was previously only available in sci-fi films is now a reality: doors open without a key having to be raked out beforehand. The basis of the new Kaba TouchGo products is the RCID technology developed by dormakaba. Simply touching the metal receiving electrode - for example, a door handle - is sufficient to check your access authorization. It does not matter if the TouchGo user medium is in the bag, jacket or belt. Your benefit: No more searching for the key or badge, free hands and still the proven high security standard of a dormakaba locking system. Our business customers can be doubly pleased: Kaba TouchGo can be seamlessly integrated into the dormakaba world of digital RFID products and thus also into a Kaba CardLink environment.

The Kaba c-lever door furniture with integrated Kaba TouchGo properties, available in either the E110 or E310 version:

  • E110 as pure Kaba TouchGo door furniture (RCID) for up to 100 users per door, manual programming is possible directly at the door furniture, without prior knowledge.
  • The E310 version detects RCID and RFID. For up to 1.000 users per door, it can be seamlessly integrated into the world of Kaba systems. This offers the option of either manual or software-based programming. In addition, E310 can be either combined with any other RFID-based access system, or with Kaba's own access system components.
  • Transponder: available as key ring, card holder or arm band.

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