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RD10 - Electronic Roller Door Lock

The RD10 is the ultimate security for large doors and shutters.

The electronic roller door lock combines the features found in traditional electronic locks, with the physical strength and function required to secure roller doors of any shape and size.


Product details

  • Automatic deadbolting, 18mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin
  • Keyed access to manual override
  • Variable voltage from 12VDC – 24VDC
  • Complete control and monitoring of the lock through the integrated electronics
  • Selectable timed re-lock after 1 minute
  • Multiple attempts to lock and unlock
  • User selectable fail safe / fail secure operation
  • Anti-tamper and selectable instant auto-relock when desired
  • Versatile installation with internal horizontal or vertical installation
  • Can be integrated with access control and alarm systems

  • Holding force: 30,000N (3,000kg)
  • Voltage at lock: 12-24VDC +/- 10%
  • Endurance: 1,000,000 cycles normal operation
  • Feedback: Audible beep for locked/unlocked and failed alarm
  • Materials: Aluminium (A380), Stainless Steel (304)

  • Lock: 152L x 88W x 78D (mm)
  • L strike: 75L x 75W x 70D (mm)
  • Bolt pin: Stainless steel, diameter 18mm, 35mm stroke

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