Product Summary

With the extensive accessories for SVP and M-SVP emergency-escape locks, a wide range of equipment required for individual doors can be installed appropriately and conveniently.

  • Accessories for all door types
  • Concealed mounting of connection cables
  • Door status monitoring
  • Equipment of FP/SP doors

Product Details

Cable loop / spiral cable

Robust stainless steel spirals in different lengths with or without installation case to pull in flexible connection cables with diameters up to 7.5 mm. Guarantees a crush-free and tamper-proof connection between the leaf and frame of doors and windows.

Detachable cable loop plug connection

Detachable cable loop plug connection LK-12, can be combined with the cable loops KÜ and spiral cables KS. The pluggable screw terminal enables the simple plugging and unplugging of connecting cables for a flexible and fast installation, disassembly and maintenance of the door.

Connecting cables
Highly flexible connecting cables for SVP and M-SVP locks with a coupling with reverse polarity protection attached on one side.

Door contacts / bolt contact switch

Reed door contacts for inlet or screw installations to monitor the opening of doors. Bolt contact switch in the VdS class C to monitor locking, e.g. in connection with alarm systems.

Smoke detector

Smoke detector and integrated power pack with DCW® bus technology for use with SVP / M-SVP locks on fire and smoke doors.

Protective fittings

SVP-SB protective fittings in the ES-1 class with extraction protection in the handle/knob and handle/handle versions for narrow stile and timber doors.

Lock SVP / M-SVP Accessories
Lock SVP / M-SVP Accessories
Lock SVP / M-SVP Accessories

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