HZ 43-F Automatic Flush Bolts

  • HT 43-F Flush Bolt


  • HT 43-F Flush Bolt

Product Summary

The HZ 43-F flush bolt (locking device for the passive door panel) provides the solution for all double-panel door systems, particularly for fire and smoke doors. Users may unlock and open the active panel with the flick of a wrist, which simultaneously unlocks the passive panel allowing it to be opened. Thanks to its split spindle and the broad range of adjustments, the HZ-43F flush bolt is ready to meet various structural requirements in conjunction with very low mounting effort.

  • Automatic locking and unlocking of passive panel
  • Split spindle with simple plug-in feature
  • Adjustable locking plate unit (retainer bushing)
  • Locking towards the top or bottom
  • Left- and right-handed version
  • Suitable for application at fire and smoke doors
Product Details

The solution for double-panel door systems
dormakaba flush bolts allow the automatic locking and unlocking of the passive door panel of a double-panel system. Users may unlock and open the active panel with the flick of a wrist, which simultaneously unlocks thepassive panel allowing it to be opened. The system automatically relocks as soon as both the active and the passive panel are closed - no special knowledge regarding the handling of the locking device or any additional action is required to lock the system.

Reliable function and low mounting effort
Thanks to its snap fit, the HZ 43-F does not need any additional bolting. The adjustable and flexibly-mounted spindle only requires a milled slot for the latch keeper and a hole for the lock bolt - so there is no need to rip up the door panel or to remove any part of it. Its two-piece design allows easy compensation of mounting tolerances and provides the door system with maximum stability.

For all fields of application
The HZ 43-F is suitable for mounting at the top or bottom of double-panel timber and metal doors and can for example be used in conjunction with dormakaba automatic operators and door coordinators. The HZ 43-F flush bolt is approved for application at fire and smoke doors, provided that this is allowed by the approval certificate for the door concerned.


  • For profile and timber doors
  • Stainless steel forend
  • Cranked latch
  • Split, adjustable spindle
  • Twice flexible mounting
  • Adjustable latch bolt, incl. adjustable retainer bushing
  • HZ 43-F22 LH/ISO 6
  • HZ 43-F22 RH/ISO 5

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