Product Summary

TMS Comfort is a multi-functional escape route security system in a flush-mounted System 55 design for installation in device boxes. It is especially suitable for individual doors with low or medium user frequency. The TMS Comfort immediately opens the door in the event of an emergency and effectively protects against everyday misuse of the door.

  • Flush-mounted escape route door terminal
  • Control unit and emergency pushbutton as one component
  • Versions for double- or triple-unit flush-mounted boxes
  • Short-term, long-term and permanent door release feature
  • Flexible expansion with DCW® bus technology
  • Individual parameterising via TMS Soft

Product Details

Full functional range in compact design
The flush-mounted TMS system provides all features of a standard TMS system in a reduced size. The TMS Comfort system allows, for example, short-term, long-term and permanent door release, “door open” monitoring, anti-tamper monitoring, logic gating and access control. All functions are adjustable via a PC. In addition, the control unit has one input and one output to activate or trigger signals.

For special design requirements
The escape route system is perfectly incorporated in the overall design of the building's electronic components. If the 24 V power supply is provided on site, only two device boxes are required, as the control unit and the emergency pushbutton are a single unit. The system can also be used outdoors in conjunction with suitable cover frames (TX 44).

Various areas of application
The TMS Comfort is fast and practical to install, making it ideal for secured emergency exit doors, such as those in supermarkets/hypermarkets, clubs, cinemas, commercial buildings, car parks, offices and administration buildings, as well as sports stadiums and event arenas.

Future-proof thanks to flexible upgrades
The DCW® bus technology offers various upgrade options. In addition, TMS Comfort is network-ready and can be monitored and controlled from a central location.

User-friendly configurations
TMS Comfort is available as a set with two or three flush-mounted boxes (including power supply unit) with various frame designs. Alternatively, individual configurations of components from the TMS flush-mounted product range can be created and combined with different cover frames.

TMS Comfort Offline
The TMS Comfort Offline starter system for securing non-networked individual doors is offered on especially attractive terms. This version does not allow networking or parameterisation. 

Emergency exit system TMS Comfort / TMS Comfort Offline
Emergency exit system TMS Comfort / TMS Comfort Offline
Emergency exit system TMS Comfort / TMS Comfort Offline

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