Product Summary

With the dormakaba TL-S TMS control and connection units TL-S TMS 2, TL-S DCW® and TL-S TMS Comfort for escape route security and door management, it is possible to implement an extensive range of door functions. The networked system can also be managed from a central location via computer.

  • Control of all escape route functions / ext. components
  • For surface-mounted and flush-mounted systems
  • DCW® bus with self-detection of components
  • Individual parameterising via TMS Soft
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • Networking option

Product Details

One control for all door functions

Nearly all door requirements can be managed with TMS controls. DCW® participants can be connected directly via the system bus and are recognised by the system. If needed, the control units can be networked via LAN or LON and managed from a central location.

Modern and intuitive configuration

Among other things, TMS controls offer the (model-dependent) functions of short-term, long-term, permanent door release, automatic relocking, open door monitoring, manipulation monitoring, logic connections, connection of alarm systems, access control, timer and much more. All parameters and functions can be set quickly and easily with a computer and TMS Soft; then they can be monitored selectively in real time.

For project solutions with numerous doors and requirements

The DCW® system bus makes it possible to connect several components in parallel to a TMS escape door control unit, such as door locking devices, motor lock control units, key switches, etc. If needed, the control units can also be integrated into LAN or LON networks where they can be centrally managed.

Control types


Control and connection unit DCW® bus technology for installation in TL-G door terminals. With an integrated double input/output module for external control or signal output.


Terminal connection unit for installation in TL-G door terminal housings, which enables the use of surface-mounted door terminals in connection with separate TL-S TMS 2 controls or RZ TMS 2 escape route control boxes. It is connected through the DCW® system bus.

TL-S TMS Comfort

Flush-mounted control and interface unit with DCW® bus technology and integrated emergency button for installation in a device box. Despite its small dimension, it offers full TMS functionality and the option for external control and signal output.

Emergency exit system TL-S TMS 2

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