Product Summary

dormakaba TL-G door terminals combine reliable function with high operating convenience and guarantee the instant release of electronically secured doors in escape routes. In projects with large and changing public traffic, the spring-loaded red emergency button sends a clear signal about what to do in case of danger. And wherever vandalism or misuse may be expected, the dormakaba door terminals distinguish themselves with high robustness and a striking alarm appearance.

  • Robust housing made of aluminium alloy
  • Protected against vandalism
  • Striking visual and acoustic alarm signals
  • Extensive accessories
  • Optionally with preassembled power supply unit

Product Details

The classic door terminal, repeatedly proven

TL-G door terminal housings are preset for the installation of TL-S control and connection units and available optionally with or without a preassembled power supply unit. The escape route security system is locked and unlocked with the integrated key switch. The conspicuous alarm button is used for local activation. If required, system components such as power supply modules and DCW® adapters can be accommodated in the housing.

Conspicuous alarm appearance for security in case of danger

All TL-G door terminals have a particularly efficient monitoring module. The door conditions are powerfully visualised and always clearly visible. A buzzer provides an acoustic alarm at the same time. The fluorescent backlighting of the alarm button ensures additional security, since it can also be seen in case of a power failure. 

High-grade light metal case

The TL-G door terminal cases are made of light metal and available in various colours. In contrast to PVC surface-mounted terminals, this features an attractive look and improved robustness. The anti-tamper switch for the case additionally provides effective protection against vandalism.

Optional accessories enable further applications

With the aid of an assembly box, the TL-G door terminals can also be flush-mounted; the installation depth can be adjusted with an additional cover frame. Half cylinders and different replacement disks are available.

Emergency exit system TL-G AP
Emergency exit system TL-G AP
Emergency exit system TL-G AP

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