Product Summary

SVP emergency escape locks with automatic locking action are the ideal solution to ensuring security for solid and profile doors. With the integrated emergency escape function, the door can be opened at any time in the escape direction by simply operating the lever handle. The automatic locking mechanism secures the door after the closing action. For solid doors, improved functions simplify the door opening by e.g. an improved power ratio and offer multiple installation advantages. SVP 5000 is a purely mechanical lock.

  • Purely mechanical lock
  • Readily retrofittable, no cabling required
  • Emergency escape/panic function in accordance with EN 179
  • Automatic locking and relocking action
  • Two-point locking in accordance with property insurance requirements
  • Universal trip latch, preconfigured for operation

Product Details

Convenient, safe and secure
The SVP 5000 emergency escape lock is particularly suitable for apartment or house doors, as well as project build doors for which no status monitoring is required. From the inside, the panic unlocking mechanism ensures that the door can always be opened via the lever handle. From the outside, the door is always kept secure by the lock as its main deadbolt automatically extends 20 mm on closure, with further security provided by the clawbolt latch.

Easy to retrofit
As the lock is purely mechanical, there is none of the usual, sometimes complex cabling work required at the door. Installation or retrofitting is therefore particularly simple – the existing mortise lock merely needs to be replaced by the SVP 5000 unit.

Operational versatility
The various SVP models have a number of special functions and are suitable for over-rebated and flush-closing solid doors. In addition to their locking and unlocking function they are convenient and flexible in their installation position thanks to the non-handed (universal) trip latch. Suitable for use as emergency escape locks, they are approved for doors in escape routes, as well as fire and smoke check doors.

Lock SVP 5000 VBNG
Lock SVP 5000 VBNG
Lock SVP 5000 VBNG

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