Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Germany

Big numbers of visitors mean big challenges


Big numbers of visitors mean big challenges

Gleaming glass, a wave-like roof and a height of 110 m: the Elbphilharmonie concert hall is a Hamburg landmark and is visible from across the city.

Comprising two concert halls, the publicly accessible Plaza at a height of 37 m, a presentation space, a restaurant, hotel and 45 apartments, the Elbphilharmonie building is versatile and multi-faceted.


How we provide customized solutions for key areas?

  • Sensor barriers to control visitor flow

  • Ticket scanners to manage visitor flow to the viewing platform

  • Spacious, secure building access

  • Convenient, barrier-free design throughout the building

  • Tailor-made solutions to meet the customer’s individual requirements



Tailor-made visitor management for a tourist magnet

Visitor management system for the Plaza

The Plaza is an architectural gem nestled in the space between the two parts of the concert building. Up to 16,000 visitors pass through it every day. Due to the fact that only 1,200 individuals can be in the Plaza at once for safety and fire protection reasons, access is controlled using tickets that can be booked on site or online.

Controlling visitor flow

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we installed the “Speedy” ticketing and access control system by ADITUS. The client required a solution that ensured secure and convenient access. Flow control and camera metering were implemented to monitor the number of visitors.

Spacious and secure building access design

dormakaba has extensive expertise and many years of experience working with high-value buildings – which is why our specialists in access control, pedestrian flow systems, fire safety and emergency exits were consulted for the Elbphilharmonie project. Special Kerberos stainless steel turning locks were developed and manufactured. Their custom design is slightly wider than usual in order to comfortably admit visitors dressed in evening attire.

Barrier-free design

Five Argus sensor airlocks with automatic door elements were installed for visitors with disabilities. These allow comfortable, contactless entry for persons in wheelchairs and families with pushchairs or small children. Sensor airlocks with photoelectric barrier sensors were selected for visual aesthetic reasons. Here, too, the standard dimensions were adapted to the measurements requested by the planner and the client.

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