Your Compliance Responsibilities

Your Obligation

To provide a safe building environment

We’re here to help you. There are 2 key pieces of legislation affecting the provision and maintenance of doors that you need to be aware of with regard to Accessibility, Fire safety and general Health & Safety obligations.

We can assist you in meeting the differing and potentially conflicting requirements of the regulations in a cost-effective way to ensure that your business is safe and legal.

Call: Equality Act 2010

Formerly known as the Disability Discrimination Act, this legislation places a duty of care upon all service providers to remove the physical barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing a service. It requires that you make reasonable adjustments to your premises where a physical feature makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for any person to make use of any services you offer to the public. 

Call: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Under the Fire Safety Order, the “responsible person” for the building must complete their own risk assessment for the fire safety of the building and put in place any measures resulting from the risk assessment. Failure to do so could result in a fine or imprisonment (or both) and could invalidate any building insurance.

Automatic Doors

EN 16005:2012 (which superseded BS7036 in 2013) requires that to ensure the safe operation, long term reliability and working efficiency of a power operator pedestrian doorset (including protective devices and safety systems) they must be regularly maintained according to the manufacturer's specification.

Manual Doors

Unmaintained manual doors can stick, become noisy, slam shut, operate too slowly or fail to close fully. If this happens to an ordinary door, it is unsafe or at best annoying, on a fire door it is potentially deadly.

Industrial Doors, Gates and Barriers

Current Health & Safety legislation requires that all doors, gates and barriers are regularly maintained by competent personnel. To ensure the safe working and security of all types of industrial doors, gates and barriers it is recommended that maintenance is carried out at six monthly intervals, but for heavy usage, this would be more frequent.