Compliance Responsibilities for Automatic Doors

EN 16005:2012

EN 16005:2012 (which superseded BS7036 in 2013) requires that to ensure the safe operation, long term reliability and working efficiency of a power operator pedestrian doorset (including protective devices and safety systems) they must be regularly maintained according to the manufacturer's specification. They will also detail frequency of maintenance to be carried out.

The standard recommended frequency for servicing automatic doors is at least once a year, dependent upon usage, traffic etc. All DORMA Service contract plans, frequency of visit etc are tailored to suit your needs, usage and the requirements for your equipment.

Under EN 16005, regular risk assessment and inspection is also required by the owner/occupier.  It is the owners responsibility to ensure that their Automatic Door equipment is regularly maintained according to the manufacturer's specification.  The owner is also responsible for ensuring that any maintenance operation is recorded in the equipment Log book.
The routine maintenance instructions shall give simple general instructions highlighting the maintenance that can be undertaken by the owner without any specific competence, and highlighting all other maintenance to be carried out by professionals.
All DORMA technicians are authorised under the ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) scheme and carry an industry ID card to show they have successfully completed the Automatic Door Suppliers Association competency exam.