Product Summary

dormakaba Lock cylinders are precision engineered mechanical products offering the highest levels of security, performance and quality.  It is therefore important that they are regularly maintained. The dormakaba cleaner is specifically designed to clean and maintain all kinds of lock cylinders.  Decades of practical experience and laboratory-proven physical properties put the new formula in a class of its own. Unlike many of the products available from other manufacturers, the cleaner does not thicken, eliminating the need to constantly re-lubricate the lock cylinder.

  • The cleaner can be used with all reversible key and serrated key systems from dormakaba.
  • High corrosion protection and excellent long-term effect
  • Fantastic cleaning and lubrication properties
  • Free of heavy metals and silicone
  • Can be used at temperatures down to –25 C
  • Extremely economical dosage

Product Details

Advantages of the new formula
The new cleaner formula is free of heavy metals, making it GHS-compliant (as per declaration on hazardous substances). In addition to its markedly improved water displacement, it also guarantees a higher level of lubricity. The spray remains in liquid form even in cold environments and can be used at temperatures as low as -25 °C.

From large to small
The cans are available in sizes 60 and 200 ml. The smaller cleaner is a pump sprays and are free from propellant gas. Both sizes offer extremely economical dosing. The practical packaging of the 60 ml can is also suitable for use as a counter display (see on the picture).

Technical Details

Operating temperature range
• Use at -25 °C to +60 °C
• Storage: -20 °C to +50 °C

Electrical conductivity
• Dielectric


• Application/hazard information available in 18 languages (can be detached from the can)


Instruction for Use
Shake the Cleaner well and screw the small red tube onto the valve (be sure not to simply insert it, as otherwise the tube could buckle). Next, hold the tube in the keyhole and operate the pump. Insert the key and turn it fully several times in both directions to ensure an even coating of lubricant inside the cylinder lock. After turning the key in the cylinder several times, wipe it clean with a soft cloth until no residue remains.

To ensure smooth lock cylinder operation in the long term, it is recommended to use the Cleaner at least once a year – or more frequently depending on how often the lock cylinder is used. Please note: never use viscous substances (such as oil) to lubricate the lock cylinder. Only cleaning products that do not contain any corrosive substances may be used.

dormakaba cleaner spray
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