dormakaba pextra+ Guard TS007 3* High Security Cylinder

  • pextra Guard

    1/10pextra Guard

  • Key Clip

    1/10Key Clip

  • Keyring


  • pextra + Key

    1/10pextra + Key

  • Raw Brass Cylinder

    1/10Raw Brass Cylinder

  • Dark Brown Cylinder

    1/10Dark Brown Cylinder

  • Polished Brass Cylinder

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  • Nickel Cylinder

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  • Medium Brown Cylinder

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  • Black Cylinder

    1/10Black Cylinder

  • pextra Guard
  • Key Clip
  • Keyring
  • pextra + Key
  • Raw Brass Cylinder
  • Dark Brown Cylinder
  • Polished Brass Cylinder
  • Nickel Cylinder
  • Medium Brown Cylinder
  • Black Cylinder

Product Summary

pextra+ Guard is dormakaba’s premium ‘break secure’, patented protected, high security mechanical key system. 

Part of the pextra+ cylinder family, pextra+ Guard has been specifically developed to meet the stringent requirements of the TS007 3-Star standard for lock cylinders.  Carrying the coveted BSI Kite Mark and endorsed by Secured by Design, the official police security initiative, pextra+ Guard boasts a sophisticated patent-protected key profile, preventing unauthorised key duplication, and physical protection against all common forms of cylinder manipulation including anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-bump and, crucially, cylinder snapping.

Cylinder snapping is a common method used to break into a property and requires zero skill by the thief. Many cylinders are marketed as being ‘anti snap’ or ‘snap resistant, which is an inaccurate term.  Pextra+ Guard features a sacrificial break slot, which ensures that the cylinder snaps in a designated place.  If the cylinder is snapped, the secure core of the lock is activated, preventing forced override of the cylinder, keeping your property secure. 

As part of dormakaba’s continual focus on product development, pextra+ now features our latest advancement “EKE” (Easy Key Entry).  EKE has been specifically developed to enhance the performance of our most complex serrated key system whilst still offering the highest levels of security and conformity to the same industry standards and certifications.  The precision milled EKE ramp effortlessly guides the key into the cylinder, ensuring a smooth and precise placement for authorised access.

Product Details
  • Patent protected key blanks, preventing illegal key copying
  • Part of pextra+ cylinder family with common components
  • Meets class 6 security standard EN 1303 and BS3621
  • Available to purchase as a built cylinder
  • Anti- Drill, Anti-pick, Anti- Bump and Snap Secure
  • Cylinders marked with TS007, Kitemark, 3-Star engraving
  • Available as a euro profile, double cylinder and with a thumbturn
  • No additional preparation at the door, simple to retrofit
  • No need to change door handles to achieve a 3-star rating for your door
  • Available keyed to differ and keyed alike or as part of a master key system
  • Available in a wide range of cylinder sizes
  • Replacement keys only available from dormakaba approved partners
  • Approved to EN 1670 Grade 5 (480 hour) for Corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments such as the Utility and Marine industries

Pextra+ Guard protects your door from all common types of attack:

  • Drilling
  • Picking
  • Bumping
  • Snapping
  • Plug extraction

Surface finishes

As standard:

  • Nickel plated (NI)
  • Satin brass (SB)

On request:

  • Polished brass (MP)
  • Chrome plated (CR)
  • Polished chrome plated (CRP)
  • Medium brown (BM)
  • Dark brown (BD)
  • Dull chrome (CRM)
  • Black (BKM)

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