Product Summary

pextra+ meets EN1303 Key Related Security Grade 6 and is a Kitemark Approved, TS007 1-star cylinder* that protects against drilling, picking and bumping.


The sophisticated, patented key profile, with our unique “branch groove” means duplicate keys cannot be made using commercial key milling machines. The optional blocking pin verifies the presence of the branch groove for added security.  If the original branch groove is not detected, the blocking pin prevents the key from being turned completely in both directions.


As part of dormakaba’s continual focus on product development, pextra+ now features our latest advancement “EKE” (Easy Key Entry)


EKE has been specifically developed to enhance the performance of our most complex serrated key system whilst still offering the highest levels of security and conformity to the same industry standards and certifications.  The precision milled EKE ramp effortlessly guides the key into the cylinder, ensuring a smooth and precise placement for authorised access.

*Kitemark only applies to euro profile cylinders only.

  • Long-term protection by European patent EP2686510* * Not valid in all countries – see for details
  • High level of security as it complies with relevant standards, such as EN 1303 and DIN 18252.
  • Protection against forcible opening
  • Optional security elements and special functions for even higher levels of protection
  • Can be combined with electronic systems from dormakaba

Product Details

  • Double, single and thumbturn profile cylinders with 6 pins
  • Full range of cylinder locks for furniture, key switches, elevator control, padlocks, camlocks and many more
  • All cylinder types can be integrated into master key systems
  • Profile families for flexible master key system capacity
  • International certifications
  • Patent protection until 2032
  • Protection against drilling, picking and bumping.
  • Key blanks are not available in commercial trade
  • Replacement keys available only from dormakaba or authorised dealers
  • Dealer profiles are available for authorised partners
  • Authorised dealers are trained to pin cylinders and produce replacement keys locally
  • Personalised key coinage for authorised dealers
  • Trend Key and metal clip versions available
  • Colour red key clips
  • Transponder clip for Kaba digital and electronic access systems
  • OEM cylinders available on request
  • EN 1670 Grade 5 (480 Hour) for Corrosion Resistance
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments such as the Utility and Marine industries

Surface finishes

Standard Finishes:

  • Nickel plated (NI)
  • Standard brass (SB)

Special Finishes:

  • Polished brass (MP)
  • Chrome plated (CR)
  • Polished chrome plated (CRP)
  • Medium brown (BM)
  • Dark brown (BD)
  • Dull chrome (CRM)
  • Matt Black (BKM)

Technical Details

  • 6 pin cylinder with up to 10 side entry pins plus optional blocking pin
  • Side locking pins
  • Blocking pin detects illegal key copies and prevents the key from being turned in the cylinder.
  • Overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins protect against picking methods
  • Up to twelve hardened steel anti drill pins in housing and barrel against drilling
  • Approved to EN 1670 Grade 5 (480 hour) for Corrosion resistance

Three key types

  • Standard hexagonal bow with optional mini-slips in five colours
  • Trend Key plastic clip in 5 colours
  • Metal clip with coding in 3 colours 


More than conventional mechanical security 

dormakaba pextra+ lock cylinders are available with some 20 additional special functions which provide additional security and convenience.

  • Additional picking protection
  • Barrel pulling protection
  • Cylinder blind on one side
  • Key override from both sides
  • Cam with relative movement
  • Freewheel cam for gear operated and panic locks
  • Emergency key override system
  • Cylinder with occupied indicator
  • Housing reinforced with steel shims against pulling for EN1303 attack resistance grade 2
  • Personnel key
  • Shear break-off against snapping
  • Side locking elements
  • Self-changeable cylinder with one or two change keys
  • Weather protection cap against filth and moisture
  • Sea water resistant barrel
  • Wear resistant barrel
  • Cogwheel cams with 10 or 18 teeth
  • Restrictive movement cylinder available to ensure the door is guarded against being locked from within the room.
  • Anti-ligature thumbturn available to combine safety and security.


Scope of supply

  • Lock cylinder
  • 2 keys per cylinder
  • Cylinder fastening screw
  • Security card
  • Installation and maintenance instructions

Pextra Plus Cylinder
pextra +
pextra +

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