Product Summary

The new operator system for automatic sliding door ES 400 PRO impresses with its modular design, performance and durability.

  • For door leaf weight up to 2 x 200 kg
  • 50% longer service life (tested for 1.5 million cycles)
  • 40% less energy consumption than previous generation of operators
  • Use of modern technology through CAN bus connections
  • Integrated sensors for enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Opens and closes reliably, quickly - and remarkably quietly
  • Door Pilot Interface enables control via mobile phone
  • The modular system design allows many applications

Product Details

The new generation of sliding door operators

ES 400 PRO is our latest generation automatic sliding door operator.  Part of the PROLINE range, drawing on decades of knowledge and expertise cumulating in an operator more durable and energy efficient than its predecessors.  

With a reduced number of assemblies, this modular system can be assembled, installed and set up quickly then set into operation (plug & play).  

Suitable for almost all automatic sliding door applications, be that for use on classic sliding doors or for escape and rescue routes. With the ES 400 PRO, you're always on the right track.

The operator system developed with enhanced sustainability and digitalisation in mind as always remains focused on compliance with current European and UK standards and safety regulations according to BS EN 16005.

Fields of application

  • For single doors weighing up to 250 kg 
  • For double doors weighing up to 2x 200 kg 
  • Opening width: 700 to 3,000 mm
  • FST variant for use in escape and rescue applications

Additional equipment / options

  • Motion and safety sensors integrated into the operator cover for enhanced aesthetics
  • Various electromechanical locks
  • Extension modules for various special functions
  • Ease of upgrading earlier dormakaba systems 
Automatic sliding door operator ES PROLINE

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