Orthos Anti-Backtrack Lanes

  • Orthos Anti-Backtrack Lanes Security Interlocks - Entrance Systems

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  • Orthos Anti-Backtrack Lanes Security Interlocks - Entrance Systems

Product Summary

dormakaba developed anti-backtrack lanes (sometimes refered to as one-way exit corridors) to guide the flow of arriving passengers at the air terminal.  They perform the task of preventing arriving passengers returning to airside areas, simultaneously preventing non-passengers from entering areas such as baggage claim or passport security control areas.

This modular system is equipped with a series of motion presence and video analytic sensors that are designed to detect unattended objects left within or passed through the corridor area. As passengers exit through the corridor, full-height and half-height double swing doors automatically open and close based upon a programmed flow or interlock mode. Combined, the physical barrier and advanced sensor technology provide a secure detection and entry prevention solution without the need of a guard.
Some benefits of anti-backtrack lanes, include:

•    Stainless-steel construction
•    Customisable configuration
•    High throughput
•    Safety sensors prevent unintentional contact with the moving door panels
•    Modular construction supports a multi-lane configuration

Product Details
  • Provides a Secure Exit Lane Without the Use of a Guard
  • ROI is Potentially 18 Months or Less
  • Anti-backtrack lanes with stainless Steel Construction
  • Stand Alone System Designed to Monitor, Alert, Notify & Isolate Potential Intruders
  • Video Analytic Surveillance System Provides Real Time Video Streams While Tracking Potential Intruder
  • Audible and Visual Alarm at Unauthorized Passage in Opposite Direction
  • Integrates Into Existing Airport Security & Fire Detection Systems
  • Flow or Interlock Modes Provide the Most Secure and Highest Throughput Available

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