Product Summary

SRD Vision is a security option for security revolving doors. It features an optical sensor integrated in the ceiling and a sensor control box. The system reliably detects whether no one, one or more people are present in the door. This allows for accurate separation and hence guarantees top-level access security. SRD Vision is suitable for retrofit without modification of the floor structure. It functions with 3-leaf and 4-leaf models.

Product Details

  • Suitable for 3- and 4-leaf models (rotary cycles 120° and 180° respectively)
  • Possible bidirectional operation
  • Inside diameter ranging between Ø1,800 mm and Ø2,500 mm
  • Passage heights ranging between 2,300 mm and 2,900 mm
  • No modification of the floor structure needed
  • Can be retrofitted for all security revolving doors with corresponding dimensions (except for Geryon SRD-S01 with glass ceiling) with a passage height of 2,300 mm or higher
  • Unaffected by extraneous light
  • Evaluation unit is suitable for remote maintenance
  • Passage rate with SRD Vision remains at high level
  • No risk of people becoming trapped during power failure (automatic, self-monitored set-up of the unit after power is restored)
SRD Vision

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