Product Summary

Your access – convenient and secure
The wireless gateway 90 40 connects the wireless dormakaba door components with the access system. It transfers new access rights to the doors via radio. The data is protected using state-of-the-art encryption technology. This way, the standalone door components are seamlessly integrated into the entire access system.

Product Details

Flexible integration

Easy commissioning means you can integrate the Wireless Gateway 90 40 into all dormakaba access systems - whether in the online or standalone environment. They expand existing or install new access solutions quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Handling - made easy

Within seconds, access can be granted or revoked, conveniently from the desk. On-site programming is eliminated. For status information, such as "Door open" or "Battery low", the Gateway will ensure that your administrator receives an immediate feedback *).


The most important wireless functions

  • Convenient wireless granting and withdrawal of access rights
  • Door status and access events can be monitored at all times (system-dependent)
  • Immediate alarm if a door is broken open (system-dependent)
  • Firmware is updated wirelessly
  • Doors are released via mouse click
  • Automatic reporting of the battery status

Supported components

A Wireless Gateway 90 40 can support up to 16 access components and a Wireless Extender.

High level of security

The data transmitted between the gateway and the door components are encrypted with AES at both the network and application levels. The keys required for this are generated by the system and are unique for each system.

Increasing the range

In the case of larger distances between the Wireless Gateway 90 40 and the door components, or in the case of difficult construction scenarios, the range can be extended with a Wireless Extender 90 41.


Installation indoors is carried out by simple wall or ceiling installation with two screws. Thanks to PoE (Power over Ethernet), an Ethernet cable is simply clicked in – no additional cabling is required.


Commissioning is carried out via the access system or via the gateway’s web interface.


Firmware updates to the Wireless Gateway 90 40 can be easily carried out from your desk. What is more, the gateway ensures that these updates are wirelessly transferred to the wireless components.
Note: The scope of effectively available product functions depends on the context in which the system is used. 


The Wireless Gateway 90 40 is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for large-scale installations. There, where a certain door monitoring is required and the access does not allow wiring, it is used.

Possible situations:

  • Historic Buildings
  • Office space, z. B. with glass doors or glass walls or retrofitted passages

dormakaba Wireless Gateway 90 40
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