Product Summary

Simplex Mechanical Pushbutton Locks eliminate problems and costs associated with issuing, controlling, and collecting keys and cards.

The Simplex 2015 Mechanical pushbutton lock provides exterior access by combination, while allowing free egress at all times by interior Exit Device (not supplied). This fully mechanical lock eliminates the material and labor expense of battery replacements, has a single access-code and is programmed via the keypad without removing the lock from the door.

Product Details

No Battery: Fully mechanical lock eliminates the material and labor expense of battery replacements

Number of Codes: Single access code—one easy-to-manage code for all users

Locking Device Options: Rim Exit Device: Compatible with most leading brands of Exit Devices (Exit Device and mounting hardware not included)

Programming: Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door

Handing: For non-handed or clockwise-rotating (adjustable up to 90°) Exit Device hubs only

Operation Modes:

  • Pushbutton Access
  • Exit Device may be "dogged" without affecting the 2015

Economical: A cost effective access control solution

Technical Details

Construction: Heavy-duty, cast front housing

Numeric Keypad: Vandal resistant, solid metal pushbuttons

Handing: For non-handed or clockwise-rotating (adjustable up to 90°) Exit Device hubs only

Finish: Satin Chrome 26D (626)


  • 2¾" (70 mm) adjustable tailpiece for Exit Device operation from outside;
  • Optional 5" (127 mm) tailpiece available (sold separately; part # 74773-000-001)

Exit Device Hub Rotation: Adjustable up to 90° clockwise for right hand (adjustable cam)

Control: 6-pin tumbler cylinder keys for combination change access; keyed differently; optional keyed alike or master keyed

Latch: Not supplied

Exit Device Compatibility:

  • American Device 6300 Series, 6303 Series, Detex Advantex Series 10, 20, 21, 40, 50, 51
  • Dorex 8500R/8500F, Dorex 9500R/9500FR
  • Corbin 21, 22, 25, 26NT, 27K, 29, 29-1/4, 29M2, 29-1/2M2, 29NTM2, 29D20, LA29, 39, 39EL, 39LLD, 390, LA39
  • Magno Krom LHR only: 500-4, 550-4, 650-4, 1500-4, 1550-4, 1650-4; RHR only: 600-3
  • Precision Hardware FL-D103; RHRB only 810-H; RH or LH: 103, R103, D203, H-203, 1103, D1203, H1203
  • Russwin 365, 3651/4, LT365, 370, 372, LA372, 375, LT375, 377, 382, 384, 385, 388, 572, 572EL, 572ELD, U572, LA572
  • Sargent 2813, 2804, 6804, 12-6804, 9804RHRB, 12-9804LHRB, 9898E, 9898K
  • Von Duprin 22 Rim, 22 Rim-F, 88, Rim, 88 Rim-F, 98 Rim, 98 Rim-F, 99 Rim, 99 Rim-F; 2227, 2227-F, 9827, 9827-F, 9847, 9847-F, 9927-F, 9947-F
  • Yale 1500 Series, 7000 Series

Cannot be used with surface-mounted Exit Devices with counterclockwise rotating hubs, thumb-operated Mortise design Exit Devices, or vertical rod Exit Devices

ATTENTION: Compatibility is subject to change if modifications are made by Exit Device manufacturers without Kaba’s knowledge

Strike: Not supplied (supplied with Exit Device)

Minimum Stile Recommended: 3⅛" (79 mm)

Door Preparation: Exit Device preparation may require recessed through bolting; 2015 installation is based on centerline of mating Exit Device hub

Door Thickness: 1⅜" (35 mm) to 2½" (64 mm); optional 5" (127 mm) tailpiece (purchased separately)

Items Supplied Include: Installation manual, full-scale template, combination change keys, and required lock installation hardware only

Durability: Weather resistant

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Simplex 2015 Series
Simplex 2015 Series Stain Chrome

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