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dormakaba's response to COVID 19 – 04/11/2020

Dear dormakaba business partner,

dormakaba is continually monitoring the developments around the Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) very closely. We are taking every step to limit the risk to our employees and the environment. However, we also want to make sure that the required commitment to you is not affected.

In order to address the spread and impact of Covid-19, dormakaba has activated its group-wide crisis management within the organization, which is coordinated and managed by a special task force at group level. 

As a service provider in the construction industry we will be allowed to continue to operate during the November lockdown as we have been throughout the pandemic. Our primary focus is, and has always been, to ensure the health and safety of our employees and their families, while at the same time ensuring that the effects on business operations and the supply chain and therefore on our customers are controlled and limited as much as possible. 

The current situation and our measures have different effects on the following points:

1. Production ability
We are currently working on preventing negative effects on business activities as effectively as possible. The production capability of our various manufacturing plants is currently largely guaranteed.
The necessary hygiene measures have been implemented. For example, the strict separation of employees from the work shifts, reduction of employee rotations between workplaces and home office for office workplaces. Due to these measures, there is currently no loss in production volume.

2. Supply chains manufacturing material
The production plants are currently adequately equipped with material and production parts. There is currently no restriction on our ability to deliver.
However, we are aware that this is a snapshot. The global health consequences cannot currently be anticipated. 
If there are any changes in the dates of our suppliers, we will inform you again.

3. Logistics for dispatching goods
Our logistics areas in the manufacturing plants and in the European Logistics Center Wuppertal (ELC) continue to work in compliance with hygiene measures and send the ordered goods.
If your company is closed or will be closed in the foreseeable future and therefore no goods will be accepted within the next 48 hours, please inform your dormakaba contact person in the internal sales department. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary costs for returns. 

4. Accessibility dormakabaUK
In line with the government guidelines, where possible our workforce will continue to work from home. The availability of our hotline, service and sales contacts is still guaranteed.
For those working at our sites, we have reviewed the layout and density of employees within our premises and have implemented strict measures to ensure appropriate social distancing and compliance with the government guidelines. Safety will always be our number one priority, both the personal safety of staff and also anyone else affected by our business activities. As an organisation we rigorously implement our COVID management system daily. 

5. Availability of service technicians
Our service technicians are still available for you, will process service orders on site or remotely and will continue to offer you competent customer service. 
Special hygiene conditions apply to on-site appointments, which must be observed by our service technicians and customers. In addition to our own measures and guidelines we would welcome you making us aware of your own on-site procedures and policies.

6. Appointments in the field service 
Our urgent recommendation is that, whenever possible, 'Business Collaboration Tools' such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, telephone, etc. be used instead of face-to-face meetings to keep personal social contacts to a minimum. Important personal customer appointments can still be made in consultation with the customer and in compliance with social distance and infection protection measures.

7. Visitors to dormakaba locations
Visitors to dormakaba locations are encouraged to fill out an information sheet to raise awareness. It queries relevant aspects of the coronavirus situation. For example, anyone who has stayed in particularly affected areas or who shows flu-like symptoms is asked to refrain from visiting dormakaba. The inviting dormakaba employee will send the information sheet to the future visitor in advance by email or at the latest upon registration at the reception desk.

8. Classroom training
All trainings that were planned as face-to-face events have been suspended. We have started to implement ways for the affected training courses to be carried out as online training (Skype or Microsoft Teams) where possible.
We will continue to keep you informed as soon as changes or developments occur. We appreciate your understanding in this situation and continue to work to minimize the impact of the situation on our services. Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for more information and support.

9. QR codes for use with the NHS COVID-19 app
We have created and displayed QR codes at our sites. Visitors can scan the QR code when they arrive, using the NHS COVID-19 app. This is to help trace and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Once again, thank you for your support during this crisis.

Paul Wright
Managing Director – UK & Ireland
(Vice President – UK/Ireland & Service Regional Lead UK/Ireland & BeNeLux)