Product Summary

The TS 99 free-swing door closer enables nearly resistance-free opening of fire doors. With the free swing, the door moves freely as if no door closer was installed. The door is guaranteed to close securely in the event of an alarm. The free swing  is already achieved with a door opening angle from > 0° and is therefore also particularly suitable for doors whose door opening angle is limited to e.g. 90 °. The TS 99 door closer is a particularly good choice for barrier-free building in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040 or German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104.

  • Free swing door angle > 0°
  • For door leaf widths of up to 1.250 mm
  • Adjustable closing force EN 2-5
  • For single-leaf and double-leaf doors
  • Contur design

Product Details

For freely movable fire and smoke doors and secure closure in the event of a fire

The TS 99 FL door closer in the Contur design is a hold-open system with a fail-safe, which is used as a hold-open system in connection with a smoke alarm system (dormakaba RMZ).
The TS99 FLR door closer or TS99 FLR-K door closer are used as a complete solution, i.e. a hold-open system with a free-swing function, including a smoke alarm system. In both door closer systems, the door can be moved freely with fail-safe. The door is securely locked by the door closer in the event of an alarm or a power failure.

Barrier-free design

The door closer variants in the TS 99 series are suitable for barrier-free building in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040. The free-swing function enables the nearly resistance-free opening and closing of doors and can also be used in preventative fire protection.
Contur design
The TS 99 series fits seamlessly into the Contur design and contributes to a harmonious overall appearance in the building.


Door closer TS 99

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