Product Summary

The electrohydraulic hold-open function of the TS 73 EMF makes it easy to hold doors open at angles from 75° to 180°. The doors close ecurely in the event of an alarm or power failure. The standard arm can be upgraded to convert the TS 73 EMF into a free-swing door closer.

  • Integrated electrohydraulic hold-open function
  • Free selection of the hold open point from 75°
  • For door leaf widths up to 1,400 mm
  • Easy installation
  • Can be converted into a free-swing door closer

Product Details

The proven solution for controlled hold-open of fire and smoke check doors

Universal application, constant hold-open point and reliable quality. TS 73 EMF is a combination of a door closer and electrohydraulic hold-open unit.

A secure solution even in case of fire

The TS 73 EMF is used as a hold-open system for fire and smoke  check doors in combination with a smoke detection system  (dormakaba RMZ). The door is held open electrohydraulically. The door is securely closed by the door closer in the event of a fire.
Manual door operations or a power failure also trigger the closing process.


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