Product Summary

ITS 900 Cam-action door closer is designed and manufactured to high quality standards to meet the growing demand for an economical solution of high performance concealed overhead door closer with standard features.

  • dormakaba Easy Open technology
  • Optional hold-open
  • Cushioned limit stay
  • Identical mounting position for both size 3 and 4
  • Easy adjustment of two closing speeds
  • Fire tested (C UL US Listed)

Product Details

Benefits for the architect / specifier

  • Innovative engineering and design by dormakaba
  • Compliance with statutory requirements for barrier-free building (C UL US listed)
  • Unblemished appearance of prestige doors – concealed installation

Benefits for the trade / distributor

  • Hassle-free ordering and inventory management – closer body (non-handed) and slide-channel arm assembly in one box for ease of handling

Benefits for the installer / fabricator

  • Ease of installation - compact concealed cam-action (non-handed system) door closer with identical mounting position for both size 3 and 4
  • Easy adjustment of the two closing speeds separately

Benefits for the user

  • Barrier-free with dormakaba Easy Open technology - Easy access for all users and for children, seniors and the physically-disabled
  • Convenience and Comfort - optional hold-open device and cushioned limit stay
  • Enhanced protection against vandalism - concealed installation

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