BIM with dormakaba

We offer comprehensive BIM support

We support our customers with up-to-date and accurate product data for the planning, construction, and maintenance of buildings. In addition to providing an extensive library of BIM objects, we have developed an advanced suite of BIM enabled planning tools & plugins designed to streamline the specification process.

Smart Planning

Simple coordination of BIM model and specifications

Whether using Revit or Archicad, we support you to easily populate and update your BIM model with the specific information you need, keeping each model ‘light’ while ensuring that you retain control.

Our market leading specification development tools enable us to work with data provided in a range of formats, including Excel and text files, in order to develop specifications, drawings, wiring diagrams and associated BIM model data, securing that this information is automatically updated to reflect specification changes as the project design develops.


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Our updated library

Ensuring the required BIM objects are always accessible and up-to-date

Our extensive library of BIM objects spans our entire range of solutions, providing easy identification and access to the precise objects required while supporting consistency and convenience when specifying full access solutions across a complete project. As our portfolio of products grows, the library will continue to expand to ensure it remains an essential resource to address future project requirements.


Working smarter throughout the entire life cycle of a building

BIM has considerable advantages for all key players involved in the construction process and we work to ensure that the maximum benefit is delivered in an efficient and effective way. Discover your personal advantages when working with dormakaba BIM objects and services.

Improved collaboration

The BIM working methodology allows teams to share project models and coordinate planning, ensuring that all stakeholders have up-to-date project information at any time.

Project visualization in preconstruction

3D visualizations allow constructors and project owners to experience what the space will look like offering the ability to make changes before construction start.

Mitigated risks

Problems are identified at a very early stage in the design phase. Making sure the right information is available at the right time is essential to completing a successful project.

Higher security

BIM improves construction safety by locating hazards before they become problems, and avoid physical risks by visualizing and planning site logistics in advance.

Improved cost-effectiveness

Having a greater overview from the beginning minimizes expensive and time-consuming changes later.

Streamlined facility management

Building owners and contractors can connect BIM data generated during design and construction to building operations.

Specification Consultancy

We are here to help

Our experienced, qualified architectural consultancy team is dedicated to ensuring provision of a comprehensive level of support that you can depend on. Contact us today for advice or to arrange a meeting.