Product Summary

The most cost-effective floor spring product is for the Chinese market from dormakaba group

  • Wide applicability: one product can cover multiple indoor and outdoor application scenarios, while adapting doors of different materials
  • High suitability: The use of national standard spindle to make your building entrance upgrade more convenient
  • Complete accessory: profile door accessories is including, PF series patch fitting is optional
  • Large traffic space: 130° open door angle to make the entrance traffic capacity instantly full
  • Low cost of maintenance: more than 500,000 times of cycling life to make your maintenance costs to a minimum

Technical Details

  •  Maximum load: ≤120 kg
  •  Closing force: size3 / size4  
  •  Maximum door width: ≤800mm, ≤1100mm
  •  Product size: 274X98X40mm, cover size: 290X116X1.2 mm
  •  Hold open: 90° Hold open / Non hold open  
  •  Maximum opening Angle: 130°
  •  Speed control: 0°-15° closing speed and 15° -130° closing speed are independently adjustable
  • Lifecycle: at least 500,000 times (single action) 250,000 times (double action) according to QB/T 2697-2013)

BTS 50

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