Balancing form and function? We enable both

Balancing form
and function?
We enable both
Integrated access at
every stage of the
building lifecycle
Making the flow of
people as effortless
as possible
Answering your needs
for a sustainable built

Access Reimagined

Integrated Access

Seamless Flow


Our purpose

For every place that matters

Our purpose reflects the contribution we make to society: we are where our communities come together – from locations across town to locations across the world. At schools and universities, in stadiums, airports, hospitals and workplaces. We provide safety, security and sustainability, allowing people to move seamlessly and shape their lives the way they want. #ForEveryPlaceThatMatters.

Entrivo Door Insights

For smarter, more efficient door management

Transform the way you see and manage your doors with Entrivo real-time insights. However large your installed automatic door base is, our easy-to-use Entrivo application, lets you see operational data at-a-glance across your network of connected doors – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Solutions for places that matter

From award-winning, end-to-end access solutions to industry best practices and straightforward installation across a range of markets and industries, we are your complete partner for door and access systems.

Help is on the way

Emergency call-out

Our 24/7 Door Service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any urgent repairs and ensure the continuity of your business.

Call: 1800 675 411

For our Australia-based customers

Call: 0800 436 762

For our New Zealand-based customers

What we offer

Our comprehensive product portfolio

Your building access control systems should be innovative, reliable, secure and easy to integrate. Our comprehensive portfolio is exactly that, comprising cutting-edge door and access systems and services for your global application.

dormakaba in Australia and New Zealand

dormakaba started in Australia and New Zealand in 1972, when Kaba became a registered company. Our head offices are located in Hallam, Victoria and Auckland, New Zealand. We have regional offices in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Townsville, Rockhampton, Newcastle, Darwin, Wellington and Christchurch, plus an additional network of service agents and dealerships. We have the largest service team in Australia and New Zealand


Head offices in Australia and New Zealand


Regional offices


Service vans across Australia and New Zealand


Employees support our customers in Australia and New Zealand


dormakaba wireless integrates with Inner Range integrity

dormkaba and Inner Range have partnered with an integration of dormakaba’s evolo wireless components. As part of Inner Range V22 release, the dormakaba evolo range of wireless electronic fittings and locking cylinders can be managed directly from the Inner Range Integriti software platform. dormakaba’s evolo range provides high performance, quality, and security. They are designed to fit every need, from schools, offices, and complex industries to public spaces.

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dormakaba showroom

Dive into the world of access and security

Our dormakaba showroom offers the opportunity to see our products in a working environment. Touch and feel over 600 products installed in the Hallam showroom. Contact us to schedule a time.

We build trust - every day

Build your career with us

As one of the top three companies for access and security solutions worldwide, we make life easier, smarter and more secure. That’s how we build trust every day. Discover how you can build your career with us!

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