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Acquisition News 

dormakaba has now completed the acquisition of the Australian Reliance Doors and Best Doors Australia Groups, thus strengthening our position in door automation and enabling further growth.

The group of companies is a well-established provider in the Australian market with reputable brands for residential garage doors, automatic openers, industrial overhead doors as well as related services.



Best Doors

Products and Solutions

dormakaba offers innovative and complete solutions for access control, building & door openings, and security with an extensive selection of products.  Browse the dormakaba products or explore how dormakaba products can be packaged as a complete solution for your market or industry.

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At dormakaba we understand the importance of maintaining safe and secure access in and around your premises. dormakaba servicing helps prevent accidents, prolongs the life of the product and helps ensure the safety of users while reducing breakdowns and the accompanying inconvenience. 

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Make a statement - The Grange 

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dormakaba's new digital door lock and entry pull handle is The Grange.
This digital door lock integtrated with a sleek pull handle is a stylish addition to a modern front door. Open with a PIN, fob or phone for convenient access.


Hygiene & Infection Protection


In public buildings such as offices, hotels, department stores, airports and health facilities, the high frequency of people inevitably leads to a high hygiene risk. For this reason, hygiene and infection protection measures play a decisive role in the planning of new or modernisation of existing accesses. In this way, automated door solutions can support the implementation of preventive measures. For example, non-contact functions such as opening impulses on automatic doors can effectively reduce contact with door surfaces. This increases protection against the spread of infections.


Kilargo offer a comprehensive range of fire safety products designed to contain the spread of fire, smoke and sound.